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Are you tired of subjecting your staff to boring teambuilding programs huddled over desks and playing with straws? Looking for something genuinely different that will help your staff forge lasting relationships as opposed to merely taking part in forced activities?

If so, Christian Chua has the solution for your organization. With over 20 years of experience in teambuilding and with his background as a body language expert, Christian understands human psychology and motivation and can customize teambuilding programs tailored for your specific organizational needs.

Programs & Outcomes

Evidence – The Corporate Teambuilding Strategy Game

Half Day Session
Full Day Session

Highlights from this Program

From the makers of the highly-addictive “Human Lie Detector” Game, Christian Chua Training Academy proudly presents Evidence – The Corporate Teambuilding Game that everyone is talking about. Nothing gets people working closely together quite like a fake crime. A crime scene, scattered pieces of evidence and puzzles that require different skill sets to crack make for a highly engaging indoor team-building strategy game.

Now in its highly successful third year, Evidence has been played in companies such as SingTel and Cisco and many more. Find out for yourself why companies are calling Evidence the game-changing, teambuilding game.

A crime has been committed but as with all crimes, all that is left behind are the clues. Teams will need to beat the clock and figure out how to work together to maximize their resources to solve the crime.
Evidence is designed in such a way as to require a myriad of skills to solve the crime. This means that all your team members have an opportunity to demonstrate their inner talents in ways which may not always come across during normal work settings.

With a gripping plot and an intricate storyline, team players become so engrossed in the activity that they start to demonstrate their “true” identities as opposed to the “masks” that they may often wear in the office environment. With genuine interactions, teams work and achieve more effectively.

Unlike other team building programs, Evidence is all about authenticity, which means lasting change to the way your staff get to know each other as well as meaningful relationships in the way they work with each other.

Teambuilding Below Zero

Half Day Session
Full Day Session

Highlights from this Program

The most exciting corporate teambuilding offering to hit the market is finally here. Christian Chua Training Academy is the Official Corporate Teambuilding Training Provider for Snow City.

Treat your organization to an exhilarating teambuilding experience at sub zero temperatures. Simulating a harsh arctic environment, teams will be challenged to complete a variety of tasks under freezing temperatures, snowing conditions and in a low light environment.

Warm room activities include a study of the desired outcomes, learning points, discussions and debriefs after each adventure scenario.

Our expert trainers understand the purpose of teambuilding and recognize that teambuilding is not equal to team activities. Effective teambuilding requires a genuine emotional connection between team members.

In this challenge, team members will need to cross a narrow ice bridge without any team member falling off. Sounds simple enough? Wait till you experience the surprise conditions for the crossing.

Team skills in this challenge include:

  • Team communications
  • Teamwork
  • Problem-solving

Your team has just survived an air cash into a a snow-covered mountain. How do you survive the cold and make your way to safety with only the items salvaged from the crash site?

Your team’s skills will be tested:

  • Teamwork and cohesiveness under stress
  • Leadership development
  • Critical thinking skills

Get all team members downhill in a self-constructed sled made from a limited number of rubber tubes and rope. Maneuver through a zigzag course of objectives and capture each objective on one run otherwise start all over again from the top of the hill.

Team members will be challenged in:

  • Planning and execution
  • Teamwork
  • Creativity
  • Leadership

In this challenge, teams must build their own sleds for speed and race downhill together to reach the bottom first. The fastest team to construct and race down the hill wins in this icy race to the finish.

Teams will be challenged in these areas:

  • Team planning
  • Resource allocation
  • Problem solving
  • Critical thinking and analysis

Snow City is the only permanent indoor snow center in Singapore. It has a three-storey high and 60 meter long snow slope for visitors to ski, snowboard and snow tube. Snow City was originally launched in 2001 and has been regularly attracting visitors with its unique winter wonderland concept.

In October 2007, snow city revamped its facilities particularly the snow chamber area. The Snow Chambers will be closed for private use for your organization during the activity periods. Day room activities will be also be conducted in a private seminar room located at the 2nd level of the establishment. This room is fully equipped for seminar purposes and all meals will be catered for.

What you need to know:

  1. Team activities do not equal to teambuilding.
  2. Activities alone are insufficient to foster a true team spirit, it may foster a temporary team spirit because temporarily there may be a common goal during the team activity.
  3. Teambuilding happens when there is a long-term, common, shared, goal.
  4. When there is an emotional connection between members of a team, a team is built.

We can help you achieve genuine teambuilding.

A Variety of Corporate Teambuilding Activities 

60 Minute Session
90 Minute Session
Half Day Session
Full Day Session
Multi Day Session

Highlights from this Program

The whole point of teambuilding is to build stronger and better teams. However, it is not uncommon for human resources professionals as well as management to view teambuilding as a “quick-fix” or “conflict resolution” substitute. With over 20 years of experience, Christian Chua has seen a myriad of personality and personnel problems within organizations both large and small.

In this special program, Christian will personally consult with you and your team to delve deeper into the problems you may be facing and help to solve the root cause of your team issues as opposed to gloss over the source problems with a “ra-ra” day out. Solve team and personnel problems decisively with Christian Chua’s discrete and effective Behavior Conflict Resolution.

This special program is particularly suited for:

  • Specific team personality problems
  • Ineffective communication within staff members
  • Poor teamwork and coordination
  • Team conflicts and infighting
  • Unnecessary politics and internal competition leading to lowered productivity

Don’t use a band-aid if your organization needs drastic surgery. Christian Chua has been a proven force in helping organizations decisively fix their organizational issues without the use of expensive teambuilding where it is unnecessary.

Christian Chua will personally evaluate and analyze your organization’s specific needs, objectives and issues.

  • Personal, discreet one-on-one consultation
  • Conflict resolution with parties involved (if necessary)
  • Situational awareness to understand the environment and identify if the environment promotes conflict
  • Multiple consultation and resolution sessions (as required)
  • Outcome examination and long term relationship building for all parties concerned
As a Body Language Expert, Christian Chua has developed a proprietary profile tool which will be key in analyzing the personalities involved in any conflict within your organization. Using this tool participants themselves can become aware of their extreme behavior profiles which may contribute to conflicts in the workplace.

The profile tool comes with a remedial action plan which helps “difficult” or “problematic” behavioral types realign their behavior to fall in line with the acceptable mainstream corporate culture of your organization and build synergy for your teams.

Unlike other teambuilding providers, Christian Chua Training Academy is first and foremost a Training & Consulting Company as opposed to an events company. It is this dedication to achieving your program objectives that make the difference.

Our focus is creating the transformation which you seek from your employees and staff members by creating unique programs that make learning and teambuilding fun, meaningful and effective.


Nearly two decades of experience speaking professionally and yet Christian still brings the passion and motivation to each and every engagement. With content which keeps evolving and an easy-going wit and humor, it’s no wonder that Christian Chua has been consistently ranked one of the top speakers in the business.