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Maximus Career Advisory Tool

With over 10,000 users and counting, the most revealing and trusted
career advisory tool trusted by schools, companies and government agencies!

Discover the Career you were Born to Pursue

More than 55% of people are unhappy with their current job, while 80% of employees have stated that they would find more suitable jobs if they knew what these jobs were. With numbers like these, isn’t it time you discover for yourself your dream career?

Maximus Career Advisory Tool (MCAT) is a proprietary career advisory tool developed by Christian Chua as a result of years or research and testing and his over two decades of experience guiding and counselling thousands of people to find careers that fit their dreams and personalities.

Now in its 4th year, it has helped thousands of candidates seek better job fits in their careers.


Discover your Natural Strengths & Apply to Your Natural Career

Natural strengths are strengths that individuals naturally possess and enjoy working with. They find working with these strengths pleasurable and they will also require less effort when carrying out task leveraging on these strengths.


Professional Tools Now in Your Hands

  • School leavers benefit by knowing exactly which direction to head towards, which course to pursue and what job to aim for. This shortens their Success journey by averting  the ‘if you don’t try you will never know’ syndrome.
  • Employees who are unhappy with the nature of their current job benefit by being aware what makes them ‘tick’ and which are the jobs which allows them to play by their natural strengths. Find your perfect career!
  • Employers can also conduct this test en-masse. This tool will be able to chart the strength make-up of the organization. What the strengths of the department are and what natural strength may be missing. It will help leaders identify the strengths of individuals and allow leaders to assign the correct task to the correct individuals as to achieve optimal results.


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Every job requires the individual to rely more on certain strengths than on others.
Maximus has a complex matrix which matches the perfect strength type to the perfect job type.


Find out why Corporate Human Resource Departments Trust Maximus

  • Senior management will be able to have an overview on the profile of their staff leading to more effective role deployment.
  • Keep your staff happy by matching the right personality types with the right roles.
  • Understand the psyche and motivation of your staff and assign projects, rewards and incentives for maximum staff retention, happiness and effectiveness.