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Maximus Career Advisory Tool

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Discover the Career you were Born to Pursue

More than 55% of people are unhappy with their current job, while 80% of employees have stated that they would find more suitable jobs if they knew what these jobs were. With numbers like these, isn’t it time you discover for yourself your dream career?

MCAT (Maximum Career Profiling Tool), is a groundbreaking resource that empowers you to discover your ideal job match. MCAT achieves this by endeavour aligning your inherent talents and strengths with roles that enable you to harness these abilities to the fullest.

Unlike conventional profile tools that attempt to fit you based solely on personality traits such as extroversion or introversion, MCAT takes a refreshingly different approach. It recognizes that many professions are not bound by these traits and focuses instead on your 29 natural talents. Through an evaluation process, MCAT meticulously analyses these talents and presents you with a curated selection of jobs that allow you to leverage the maximum spectrum of your innate abilities.
Uncover the thrill of stepping into a role perfectly suited for you—a role that ignites your enthusiasm and infuses your workdays with boundless energy.

MCAT’s transformative impact has touched the lives of countless students and mid-career professionals, ushering in positive change and guiding them toward fulfilling career paths. Experience the revolution in career profiling with MCAT, and embark on a journey where your passions align seamlessly with your professional endeavours.

Discover your Natural Strengths & Apply to Your Natural Career

Natural strengths are strengths that individuals naturally possess and enjoy working with. They find working with these strengths pleasurable and they will also require less effort when carrying out task leveraging on these strengths.

Professional Tools Now in Your Hands

  • School leavers can derive significant advantages from gaining clear insights into their intended direction, selecting an appropriate course of study, and setting their sights on a specific career path. This streamlined approach expedites their way to success by pre-empting the inertia associated with the apprehension of missed opportunities.

  • An understanding of their intrinsic motivators becomes invaluable for dissatisfied employees grappling with the incongruence between their current job roles and personal inclinations. Identifying roles that align with their innate strengths empowers them to cultivate a fulfilling professional trajectory. Discover your ideal vocational journey!

  • Employers can use this test for the whole team. It shows what everyone is good at and what might need to be added. This helps bosses know each person’s strengths and give them the right jobs for the best outcomes.

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Every job requires the individual to rely more on certain strengths than on others.
Maximus has a complex matrix which matches the perfect strength type to the perfect job type.

Find out why Corporate Human Resource Departments Trust Maximus

  • Senior management will be able to have an overview on the profile of their staff leading to more effective role deployment.
  • Keep your staff happy by matching the right personality types with the right roles.
  • Understand the psyche and motivation of your staff and assign projects, rewards and incentives for maximum staff retention, happiness and effectiveness.