“Mr Christian Chua did a great job in engaging our Primary Six students in learning social and dinning etiquette. The students enjoyed his sense of humor and there is never a boring moment! The emcee made the graduation lunch very entertaining for both students and teachers. It is through his well-thought activities that the students bonded even more during the session. Our school is very pleased with the service provided by Christian Chua Training Academy.”

– T S Yang, Year Head, Ahmad Ibrahim Primary School

Motivation & Social Etiquette Trainer Christian Chua

With over two decades of experience working with over 100 schools, including the top schools in Singapore, Christian Chua has changed the lives of over 100,000 students and is well-known for his wit, humour and ability to keep his young audience engaged.Christian is well up to date with the trends, language, and pop culture, enabling him to relate well with the students.

Topics include:

  • Social Etiquette and Fine Dining
  • Communication and Conversational Skills
  • Leadership (Communication, Profiling and Delegation)
  • General Motivation and Motivation for Normal (Academic) and Normal (Technical) students, under-performing JC students and students looking to get the edge in their performance
  • Career guidance, how to apply for EAE and ace it
  • Body Language and Communication
  • Financial Literacy

Topics & Outcomes

Social Etiquette & Communications 

Half Day Workshop
Full Day Workshop
Multi-Day Workshop

Highlights from this Program

Arguably the Top Social Etiquette and Dining Workshop for Schools in Singapore.

Contact us for a free preview of our workshop. Teachers can sit in throughout the session, laugh, learn and have a meal on us.

See exactly what you are getting when you hire us. Find out why we have over 15,000 students are benefiting from this program every year.

It is about having the right first impression in terms of look, expression, body language and poise. Have the right poise and it sends the right signals to others. Watch people gravitate towards you. It helps open new doors, new leads and new friendships.

  • Poise & Style
  • Colours and co-ordination
  • Hygiene and Facial Care
  • Communication
  • Mannerism
  • Body Language

  • Table Manners
  • American vs Continental Style
  • Usage of different Cutlery
  • Right way of consuming Soup, Bread Roll, Main Course
  • How to place an order at a Western Dining Restaurant
  • Pairing Red Wine / White Wine with Main course
  • Difference between Fine Dining and Formal Dining

Christian has the ability to engage our students during our annual Social and Dining Etiquette Workshop with his humor and stage presence. He uses real-life examples as well as personal experiences to convey his messages and learning points. Both teachers and students have given positive feedback the workshop in general and particularly Christian. – Abdul Razak Masiran HOD/CCE, Hong Kah Secondary School.

Abdul Razak Bin Masiran, Head of Department, Character & Citizenship Education, Hong Kah Secondary School

Christian is an engaging speaker who captivates his audience and can connect with the students. He brings across his points in a succinct and humorous manner, leaving a lasting impression on the students. The students enjoyed his presentation and the dining component of the workshop. Christian and his team are professional and very accommodating to the school’s requirements for the workshop. It is a joy to work with Christian on this workshop and we would strongly recommend him as the speaker for any Social Etiquette Workshops.

Edwin Lum, Nan Chiau High School

A great workshop!! Mr Christian Chua is an extremely experienced speaker who is able to engage the participants by pitching the presentation at the right level as well as adding humour.

Mrs Hon C W, Teacher, Juying Secondary School

Both the Students and Parents thoroughly enjoyed all 4 days of the workshop.

Mrs Dora Fernandez, Teacher-in-charge, Singapore Chinese Girls’ School (SCGS)

Dear Mr Chua,

Thank you so much for the wonderful presentation really enjoyed it and learn a whole lot.
I especially enjoyed the jokes you cracked up and the hilarious quiz session we had. I really have to tell you that I have never been this alive and awake at a presentation before. Thank you so much!

Yours Truly,
Cheryl Lee Wen Xsin, Raffles Girls’ School Secondary

Career Advisory & Character Building 

60 Minute Keynote
90 Minute Keynote
Half Day Workshop
Full Day Workshop
Multi-Day Workshop

Highlights from this Program

Arguably one of the best career and character building workshops available for students. Regardless of a student’s aptitude, Christian shares how a student’s attitude can make a huge difference in their outcomes.

One of the best kept secrets among selected schools, this highly sought after program has now been made available to more schools. Christian himself will personally conduct every session so slots are highly limited.

Fun-filled with very strong and clear learning points which bring the message home hard to students through activities and thought provoking classroom dynamics.

  • Providing students with the tools to develop a goal and a purpose in life
  • Finding the perfect job fit through our highly accurate proprietary Profile Tool, M-CAT (Maximus Career Advisory Tool)
  • Showing them the road maps to success
  • Helping students believe in themselves and unlocking their innate ability to achieve their full potential
  • Develop a Character of maturity and a mind with analytical and thinking abilities

  • Held in a fully air-conditioned, country-club environment
  • As much as 3 full halls to accomodate all your students
  • Meals provided include a full buffet lunch and one fine dining experience

Our decision to continuously (4 straight years) engage your team proves to be the right decision.

Mr Ng Wee Ngee, Teacher, Teacher-in-charge of Student Development, Bendemeer Secondary School 

Humorous approach to a mundane topic.

Amos Ang, St. Joseph’s Institution 

Hi Mr Chua! I am from CHIJ KC and I really enjoyed your talk today! The talk was fun and engaging! Yes I agree with you. Students will listen if you give them a reason to. I laughed throughout the whole talk because you were so funny! If I have a chance, I hope to listen to your talks again some other time!

Ting, Katong Convent 

Financial Literacy for Parents & Students

60 Minute Keynote
90 Minute Keynote
Half Day Workshop
Full Day Workshop

Highlights from this Program

Christian Chua’s Financial Literacy program has been described to be one of the most effective in Singapore. Straight to the point and applicable, both students and parents have consistently shared that Christian Chua’s Financial Literacy Program is the best financial education they have ever received. This is Not the Economic life cycle program.  No silly board games.  No long 8 hour classes. Only practical lessons for practical application. 

  • Financial Literacy to a level that your students can enjoy and appreciate
  • We teach them the right saving and spending habits, how to deal with debt, understanding interest and loans, as well as other practical skills they will need as adults managing their own finances
  • For more senior students, we brief them on the various types of investments available and the benefits and pitfalls of these investments

Although financial literacy can be a highly dry and technical subject, our qualified trainers are able to grab the attention of your students because their wit, humor and interesting stories.

We help students to dispel many financial myths as well as understand the technicalities of seemingly innocent financial decisions:

  • Leakages, the cost to borrowing
  • The odds in gambling
  • The ‘untouchable’ savings account concept
  • Smart savings and Smart Spending

I never knew about many of the things that Christian explained. If I had, I might not have been in this financial state. I gained a lot and will adjust my lifestyle from here.

We were so sheltered in our world until you opened our eyes to the world.

Kevin Lee, Singapore Navy and parent from Fajar Secondary School 

Motivation for Students

60 Minute Keynote
90 Minute Keynote
Half Day Workshop
Full Day Workshop

Highlights from this Program

Christian Chua’s signature program for motivating students, “Breaking Through the Glass Ceiling” has transformed the lives of thousands of students.  Not only does he motivate students to perform better, he actually shows them how to do it and how to remain motivated every day.

Often described by students as one of the best workshops they have attended, Christian is able to relate to all levels of students with ease and an unseen level of connection. His presentations are conducted with wit and a much appreciated humor that students cannot seem to get enough off.

Most motivational workshops may seem similar, but one thing that no one can replicate, which Christian Chua is able to do is finding that ‘conversion’ moment where the child decides to transform his or her life and say “I have decided to change.” Christian Chua is able to create that vital moment of change.

In this highly sought-after program, students can expect to learn:

  • Goal Setting
  • Visualisation
  • Self-talk
  • Self Mastery
  • Reflection on problem areas
  • How to identify and appoint ‘cheerleaders’ in their lives
  • Techniques to remain motivated always
  • Many relevant life stories which students can easily relate to
  1. Understand conflict and why some people can be challenging
  2. Triggers that provoke negative attitudes and difficult behaviour
  3. Analyse different personality types with a special human profile
  4. Learn how to handle each unique personality type effectively
  1. Words to use and language to avoid in all your business dealings
  2. Applying effective listening skills to defuse difficult situations
  3. Gaining control of situations by acting more assertively
  4. Successfully communicating ideas and viewpoints to achieve a positive outcome
  1. Step-by-step methodology for applying influencing skills
  2. How to present ideas convincingly and persuasively
  3. Choosing the right behaviour to influence positive outcomes
  4. Using empathy when dealing with difficult situations
  1. How to make simple but effective attitude changes that reap beneficial outcomes
  2. Using co-operation and collaboration to increase motivation and teamwork
  3. How to change people’s way of thinking by winning their confidence
  4. Benefits of building great relationships and winning bonds

Entrepreneurship for Students 

60 Minute Keynote
90 Minute Keynote
Half Day Workshop
Full Day Workshop
Multi-Day Workshop

Highlights from this Program

An entrepreneur himself, Christian Chua brings real world experience to the classroom. Taking a $2 company from the age of 23, he gradually built the company up into a multi-million dollar company today. Christian is passionate about entrepreneurship and is dedicated to helping young people achieve their entrepreneurial dreams.

Some of the skills which students will learn to develop include:

  • To build a climate and culture of innovation
  • To produce innovative ideas which benefit the organization
  • To achieve revenue potential
  • To implement cost savings ideas
  • To explore new business ideas worthy of pursuing
  • To capitalise on new technologies
  • To access new markets or products

In 2009, the Singapore Cable Cars (Faber Tours) was the 2nd most visited tourist attraction in Singapore. Looking for more ways to improve the attraction, Faber Tours welcomed the Entrepreneur Class of Crescent Girls’ School to take part in a Business Ideas Assignment.

With only a 30 minute tour around the establishment and a 45 minute Cable Car ride, the students were required to present as many new business ideas as possible to improve the Cable Cars as an attraction. Working together with Christian Chua, executives from Faber Tours visited the school 2 weeks later and were delighted to be presented with over 10 feasible new business ideas, many of which you see implemented in the attraction today, including the “speed dating” night which is still highly popular.

Christian Chua is also highly sought after for his entrepreneurial expertise in judging the feasibility of students’ ideas as well as projects and has served on many levels including at the N5 School District Entrepreneur Carnival as a judge. He has also trained numerous entrepreneurship teams and helped Catholic High School win 1st prize at the National Push Cart Competition.

Other schools include:

  • Mayflower Secondary
  • Northland Primary
  • Crescent Girls School
  • Catholic High School
  • Admiralty Secondary School
  • CHIJ Toa Payoh
  • Singapore Institute of Management
  • Yishun Secondary
  • Mayflower Primary
  • ITE Clementi

Spotting Suicidal Victims

60 Minute Keynote
90 Minute Keynote
Half Day Workshop
Full Day Workshop
Multi-Day Workshop

Highlights from this Program

DO NOT DOWNPLAY THE SIGNS. Student suicide rates are alarming. Singapore saw 37.5% increase in suicides among 10 to 19 yr olds in 2020 from 2019; and 94 cases of suicides in 2019 among 10 to 29 yr olds; 30.4% increase in 2020 among 10 to 29 yr olds. “Teen female suicide is alarming, as girls in general always had a lower suicide rate than boys, and to have the numbers equal is out of the norm.” (The Straits Times 3 Aug 2020).

In this course, you will learn how to identify the clues from

  • Body Language
  • Facial Expressions
  • Moods
  • Analyzing Their Speech
  • Behavioral Patterns
  • Cold Reading
  • Spot Medical Diagnosis

Learn how to spot the warning signs and validate against a checklist that would be provided.

Learn how to be a first responder.

Course Content, In this course you will learn to:

  • Understand what drives people to do self-harm or have suicide tendencies.
  • How to spot the Red flags.
  • Conduct primary investigation to uncover if it is something serious or just a false alarm.
  • Questioning techniques to reveal more information.
  • Evaluate against a checklist.
  • Decide if you should sound the alarm for professional intervention.
  • What to say
  • What to do
  • How not to aggravate the situation
  • How to buy time (during crisis negotiation)

This course will benefit:

  • Education Officers
  • Parents
  • Caregivers
  • Anyone who may be in the position to help others
  • Lessons will be loaded with lots of useful examples
  • Applied-learning through classroom dynamics and role play
  • Conducted in an informative, interactive, and engaging workshop


Nearly two decades of experience speaking professionally and yet Christian still brings the passion and motivation to each and every engagement. With content which keeps evolving and an easy-going wit and humor, it’s no wonder that Christian Chua has been consistently ranked one of the top speakers in the business.