• Solopreneurs and entrepreneurs
  • Real Estate agents, Financial planners, Network marketeers
  • Business owners, Coaches, trainers
  • Anyone who needs a mind-blowing session

Development Programs

Mindshift is probably one of the most intense personal development workshops you would have attended.

A powerful retreat-style masterclass that brings you on a journey through over 100 self-reflection questions. Allowing you to be brutally honest with yourself and grow as your mind is filled with fresh new ideas.

This is a journey of realization, awareness, ideas and action steps.

You will find the growth you are looking for, answers to why things are not happening, and the next action step that will lead you into quantum growth.


If you want to develop yourself to be a powerful individual who is readying for the next leap, we will help you achieve your objectives.

  • The retreat is set up to help you value-up yourself and multiply your income.
  • Providing new ideas for you to work on for the next 12 months.
  • Providing clarity and awareness of your situation and future directions.
  • Spotting opportunities
  • Sparking new business ideas, action steps.
  • Ignite a fire to achieve the next quantum leap

















60 Minute Keynote
90 Minute Keynote
Half Day Workshop
Full Day Workshop

Highlights from this Program

9 fully loaded categories that we will work with you to elevate you to the next level.

We help you view your business from a new perspective.

We identify new applications to existing strengths.

We will train you to heighten your awareness and business acumen.

Your psychological state will be strengthened to maximise yourfull potential.

Sparking new business ideas, action steps.


Full Day Workshop

-The business style retreat is conducted in a small group setting, allowing the instructor to provide personal attention to the participants.

-The participants will be given thought-provoking questions to reflect on. The instructor will guide the participant through each question and assist in finding a shift in their thoughts and invoking a breakthrough.

-These questions will enrich your business ideas and personal growth and increase psychological strength.

Trainer: How much are you charging now?

Tennis Coach: $100/hr

Trainer: If a client 3x your fees to $300 an hour but wants to add an additional feature in that training hour, how would you do it?

After a few minutes of brainstorming

Tennis Coach: I would include a computer video analysis of the strokes. I will bring in a national player to spar with the client.

After just a few minutes of brainstorming, the coach was able to introduce a higher fee service.

Outcomes & Expectations

Full Day Workshop

-Usually, participants will emerge from the retreat with no less than 30 action steps. Very often, each person goes away with close to 50-100 new things to do. Keeping you busy growing for the next 12 months.

-You will emerge energised, motivated and a head buzzing with exciting new ideas.


  • Lively and robust
  • Mind-shifting yet entertaining.

This workshop is perfect for

  • Solopreneurs and entrepreneurs
  • People willing to be challenged and shift their position in their business and personal mantras.
  • People who can be honest with themselves and want to achieve a quantum leap.

What this retreat is not and what we don’t do.

  • We do not help you fix everything. Instead, we spark realizations and identify problem areas. We will provide you with suggestions on what to do. *Follow-up coaching is possible.
  • We help create many action steps but will leave it to you to follow up on these action steps.
  • It is not an entrepreneurship workshop; do not expect to create a business plan from scratch, although individuals may spark off a business plan during the retreat. We will help fine-tune existing businesses whenever possible.


Nearly two decades of experience speaking professionally and yet Christian still brings the passion and motivation to each and every engagement. With content which keeps evolving and an easy-going wit and humor, it’s no wonder that Christian Chua has been consistently ranked one of the top speakers in the business.