• Title: The “Audacity to Win”Ignites Sales Excellence

“The Audacity to Win” and “Unleash Your True Power” are meticulously crafted to inspire, invigorate, and equip sales professionals with the mindset and tools to achieve unparalleled success.

• The mastery of maintaining a high level of personal motivation in sales

• Eliminate fear and self-doubt, which hold us back from reaching our goals

• Acquire unique sales techniques that are our original innovations

• Be inspired by Real-world examples of sales professionals who have used audacity to achieve success

• Title: Receive Sales Referrals like Rainfall

Sales referrals are the easiest way to close sales; time and resources should be invested to ensure every sales professional can hone this skill. To fire up the sales figures of your sales team, let Christian Chua deliver one of his finest sales presentations, ’Receive sales referrals like rainfall’.

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Title: Sale Ingenuity

Sales Ingenuity is a workshop designed exclusively for forward-thinking sales professionals and leaders seeking a dynamic strategy shift. Sales Ingenuity is an immersive experience crafted to unleash your team’s untapped potential and drive unparalleled sales success.

Sales Ingenuity is meticulously designed to sharpen and elevate your existing sales team’s competence, honing vital skills crucial for thriving in today’s competitive market. This intensive workshop focuses on cultivating expertise in the following pivotal areas:

1. Effective Sales Communication

2. Dynamic Product Presentation and Scripting

3. Negotiation and Influencing Mastery

4. Strategic Profiling and Sensing

5. Referability Factor

6. Closing Techniques, Skills and Mental Strengths

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Other areas of Expertise: