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This face reading course is not a fortune-telling course, but a course that enables you to profile people with high accuracy just by reading the features on their faces. This school of research is based on the science of Epigenetics.

The keyword for us in the science of Epigenetics is “GENE EXPRESSION”. Your environment, your thoughts, your emotions, your beliefs influence how your genes express itself and how they are manifested on your face.

Read people and profile them at an instant. This course gives you an unparallel advantage. You will be able to size people up. Sense if they are a good person or a bad person. You can tell if this person functions more like a left-brain person or right brain person. You will also be able to know if this person has a long or short attention span. All these points and many other great contents.

Previously only available in live workshops, this international class content is now online!
Our introductory course will touch on over 30 different reads on the face. Enough to get you started as a Face Reader.

We are certain that there were more than a few occasions that when you met someone, you had an instant hunch that that person is a good or bad person, threatening or unfriendly. These are not hunching, everyone has a built-in survival instinct to protect ourselves, the ability to sense our surrounding. In this workshop, we will formally define the features of the faces and help explain what each one means.

Learn how to read people and achieve a clear advantage in life. Know when to pull back and cut your losses. Know how to pick the friendliest people during a networking session. …and so much more.

The trainer is a world-class Body Language and face profiling experts who travel regularly to different parts of the world to speak on this topic.

The trainer, Mr Christian Chua, is a professional speaker whose career spans over 2 decades. He has appeared on BBC, Channel News Asia, Aust CH 7, Philippines broadcast Corporation, Brunie times, The New straits times and many other mass media.

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