Making a Fortune While Sipping a Coffee & The Referability Factor – eBOOK

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Making a Fortune While Sipping a Coffee

  • This book offers you the roadmap to making your fortune with ease
  • The art of making any relationship mutually beneficially and financially lucrative
  • The tools to help you identify the people in your life who can empower you to create a fortune
  • How to unlock your personal charisma
  • Increasing your net worth by increasing your network


The Referability Factor

  • This is the essential handbook for all Sales Professionals to understand how to receive non-stop referrals.
  • Understand why people will and will not give your referrals.
  • Learn how to develop your skills in order to receive referrals like rainfall.


Making a Fortune While Sipping a Coffee

Increasing your net worth by increasing the value of your network.

This book offers revelations of how success can be achieved with ease. The main component in creating opportunities for success is the people factor.

Unfortunately, many people miss out on the plethora of opportunities that surround them as they are too busy working on their tasks and projects.

The key to rapid success is the ability to leverage in a mutually beneficially manner, the talents, knowledge, experience and network of the people around you.

If you like the idea of working less and earning more, you would not want to miss this book.

“I thoroughly enjoyed reading ‘Making a Fortune While Sipping Coffee’ book. Good stories, humor, very readable. I like the many actionable learning points that the book offers.” – Tan Swee Heng (Thought Leader)



The Referability Factor

This is an easy to read, get-to-the-point type of book. You will be able to acquire the knowledge quickly and effortlessly and would be able to apply the techniques immediately.

You no longer need to wonder why your clients may not be willing to refer their friends to you. The book will describe the various reasons and you can work on your strengths and weaknesses instantly.

This book was written after numerous request by the participants after attending the workshop of the same title

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