• The ultimate book for the Success Minded. Simple to read, effective strategies; making success come easy.
    • How to achieve Success easily and rapidly,
    • Mesmerize everyone at every social encounter. 
    •  How to make people fall in love with you. 
    • How to attract opportunities wherever you go
    • Step by step guide to simple applications that would reap massive rewards 
    • Sound more confident simply because you speak better
    • Your child may need to take on a second language but English remains the medium of instruction for every other subject
    • Find out how a good command of English sets your child up for success in every other subject
    • Help your child sound professional and confident, with an excellent command of English
    • Gain confidence when speaking with native English speakers, it's not the accent that counts, it's the grammar, diction and poise
    • Step by step guide to simple ways to improve your written and spoken English
    • Suitable for teens and young parents.
    • An average person earns over 2 million dollars in a life-time, why do we still end up broke? Answers to this and more.
    • What are the odds when gambling? What are leakages?
    • How to start an 'Untouchable' saving account today.
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    Making a Fortune While Sipping a Coffee & The Referability Factor – eBOOK

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    Making a Fortune While Sipping a Coffee
    • This book offers you the roadmap to making your fortune with ease
    • The art of making any relationship mutually beneficially and financially lucrative
    • The tools to help you identify the people in your life who can empower you to create a fortune
    • How to unlock your personal charisma
    • Increasing your net worth by increasing your network
      The Referability Factor
    • This is the essential handbook for all Sales Professionals to understand how to receive non-stop referrals.
    • Understand why people will and will not give your referrals.
    • Learn how to develop your skills in order to receive referrals like rainfall.
  • All the necessary tips for teens when facing this challenging world. In this book you will learn how to talk your way out of trouble, tips for a romantic date. what is the definition of 'cool', how to be popular in school, FAQs on pregnancy, drugs and other teenage issues.
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    Rapid Networking Skills – eBOOK

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  • It’s finally here, Christian Chua’s #1 selling Maximus Career Advisory Tool


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