I appreciate your interest in our Face reading start-up package.

What you are getting when purchasing this package is the intellectual property that will get you started immediately in this field.

You will also receive a training video in which I will advise you on how to get some speaking or training jobs related to this subject. As a speaker, in my first year after acquiring this skill, I netted over USD$200,000 just lecturing on this subject. I am not saying you can reproduce this, but just one or two speaking assignments will recover this investment. *Note that I have been a speaker for over 20 years and have existing clients.

If you are an existing speaker, I will teach you how to incorporate the face-reading content, which you can relate to sales, leadership, human resource, law enforcement, or any other application.

You are getting hundreds of PowerPoint slides you could immediately customize and use for your training and public speaking. To replicate this will take you long hours to do so. You will also be getting a train-the-trainer video where I will share with you how to get speaking assignments, what to do on stage, how to respond to questions, how to respond to resistance and how to respond when the reading is not going correctly. This is the simplest available resource that could jumpstart your speaking career in face-reading.

To purchase, e-mail me at christian@christianchua.com  If you have any questions before purchasing, please write to me, and I will respond immediately.

Payment will be made via PayPal.

Price: USD $1500

Promotional price USD $650


Thank you.