“We had a great timing listening to your presentation and would highly recommend you to anyone.”
– Ang Yuh Yaw, BP Singapore

“Christian Chua is an inspirational, humourous and articulate Trainer. It was a great joy attending his 2 day workshop.”

– 3SG Victor Lye, RSS Intrepid Republic of Singapore Navy

Development Programs


Face Reading for Profiling and Communication

60 Minute Keynote
90 Minute Keynote
Half Day Workshop
Full Day Workshop

Highlights from this Program

Face-Reading for profiling is an amazing set of skills taken from the Modern science of epigenetics. This area of study of physiognomy subscribes that you can reveal the thinking style and personality of people. It reveals much about a person.

If a person is more of a left-brain person, he uses more rationalizing abilities, or if he is more right brain – he uses more creative and empathy strengths. 

The lines on a face and the shape of the face also reveals much of who the person is, what he/she has been through and how he/she see the world.

Knowing how to profile a person more accurately before networking.

Understanding how your customer process information and how you should present the contents of your sales script. Know exactly which selling style suits him.

Reading your candidates. This skill helps reveal information about your candidates and assist you in conducting a more effective job interview. It gives you a tremendous advantage in hiring the perfect candidate.
The skill enables you to read your potential business partner clearly and will help you make critical decisions like knowing if this person is a good match as a business partner. You would certainly like to know as much about the person you are going to invest in.
Profile people with greater accuracy. 
By understanding the profile type of a person, the best communication styles can be used to approach a situation.

Sales Motivation – How to be a Success Magnet 

60 Minute Keynote
90 Minute Keynote
Half Day Workshop
Full Day Workshop

Highlights from this Program

How to be a Success Magnet is a high impact seminar which inspires each participant into transforming themselves into people with attractive personalities. When they bring attractive personalities to the workplace, conflict automatically reduces and productive increases. When people communicate better, conflict reduces and less resources will be needed for conflict management.

The 5 Key Skills participants will acquire from this program are the 5 Essential “Ability” Factors:

It is about having the right first impression in terms of look, expression, body language and poise. Have the right poise and it sends the right signals to others. Watch people gravitate towards you. It helps open new doors, new leads and new friendships.

 This session helps sharpen the participants in various areas including, people skills, smart communication, how to put your customers in their ‘element’ and many psychological strategies. 

It also helps create a more positive attitude in the workplace and increase productivity.

Referrals are one of the best ways of receiving opportunities. Whenever someone makes a referral, they take the risk to their own personal reputation that their recommendation will not be good. How do people get themselves on other’s list of referral people? This session will explore the attributes and behaviours which make people and services referal. Also, what
are the blind spots and what make a person repulsive.
Getting others to adore you and making them your cheer-leaders is a vital component which ensures opportunities keep flowing in. This session will provide ideas in how people can create the ‘wow’ factor for their clients or towards their colleagues.
People can’t help others if they do not know what they need. There are precise action plans and steps to take to make advisors visible in the market square. The sessions provides ideas on how they can be seen and heard and be appointed.

Sales Motivation – The Rhythm of Winning 

60 Minute Keynote
90 Minute Keynote
Half Day Workshop
Full Day Workshop

Highlights from this Program

We often hear people say  “That team is on a winning streak” or “The Rich gets Richer”.  Winners have created a winning momentum and continue to win throughout their lifetime.

In this 90 minute session, we examine what this rhythm of winning is and how your sales force can benefit from the principles of The Rhythm of Winning.

How they gain traction and start the winning steak and how to sustain this winning momentum.

Often times people reach a stage where new ideas, new perspectives and motivation are required to push their game to the next level. In this very special and customized keynote for your premium agents, we hope to raise the sustainability,  resilience, conviction and motivational level of your sales team.

To take advantage of every opportunity and maximize their full potential, participants will learn how to:

  • Be 100% ready
  • Keep the momentum going by not getting distracted by unproductive activities
  • Leverage on and increase your winning momentum
  • Start Smart
  • Have a winners mindset

This keynote is engaging and rich in content and has many great takeaways and is one of Christian Chua’s fastest growing speaking topics.

Success doesn’t come by chance but by design. Every step is calculated and executed with precision.
Keep the momentum going by not getting distracted by unproductive events. What you could do when you are on a winning streak, how to push ahead and leave the competition behind. Leverage and increase your winning momentum. Learn how to create your own head start.
Revisit your current strengths and learn how you can raise the odds of winning.
Acquiring new insights and skill sets is key to stay ahead. In order to stay ahead of the game, new information, new knowledge and new skill sets are the way to go. With added firepower to the arsenal, winners will continue winning.
The game is always changing, so why shouldn’t your plan change too? Being too long in any business may require new motives to push yourself or your staff forward. Personal goals change may have to change to suit new aspirations. In this module, participants will get the bonus of examining the demographics and data which motivate sales people based on close to two decades of research.
Creating a winners mind-set. What you choose to focus on will affect your performance and your performance will affect your outcome.

Sales Motivation – Essential Influencing Skills 

60 Minute Keynote
90 Minute Keynote
Half Day Workshop
Full Day Workshop

Highlights from this Program

One of the most essential skills to have in order to create a productive workplace environment is the ability to influence the decisions of your listeners. This ability to influence decisions and decision makers can significant contributions to the corporation. This workshop helps individuals to communicate their ideas effectively.

It enable policies and changes to be implemented with a strong ‘buy in’ from the team. Many brilliant ideas and polices may not be implemented because of the inability of the individual to present his or her ideas convincingly.

This fun and interactive workshop session is set to equip you and your organization with the necessary communication techniques and social
skills to effectively influence the outcome of every situation. You will leave this workshop equipped, recharged and confident to face challengers.

  • To increase their power to influence.
  • Step by step methodology for influencing.
  • Different Influencing skills.
  • How to use profile to apply different influencing techniques.
  • Communication techniques in difficult situations.
  • Finding the ‘sweet spot’ when influencing
Employees will be more motivated once they understand and concur with the new policies and decision. Workplace harmony is increase many folds as management has the ability to muster support at every occasion. Teamwork and productivity will be significantly improved.
Lively Presentation, Table topics for discussion, Multimedia presentation.

Sales Motivation & Financial Success –  The DNA of Success

60 Minute Keynote
90 Minute Keynote
Half Day Workshop
Full Day Workshop

Highlights from this Program

Have you ever wondered how some people become so incredibly successful? There are 9 Character traits which are common amongst them. These extraordinary individuals possess these traits which makes them outstandingly successful.

In this mind blowing program, participants will discover what these 9 character traits which are the DNA makeup of ultra-successful individuals. These traits make them very successful. Can these traits be replicated for you to achieve the same success?
Extremely beneficially for:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • C-Level Executives
  • Sales professionals
  • Anyone who want to increase their Success Quotient
The speaker will not only share what these 9 traits are, but also share many key-points on how  individuals can raise their game in order to be more successful. There will be many thought provoking scenarios which will enable them to see things differently and re-strategize their personal game plan.

The ultra-successful have strong extreme behaviour profiles. This is what makes them stand out from the rest. Christian Chua will explain how these traits work for the billionaires and how individuals can adopt these traits to significant measure and also achieve breakthrough success.

“I would highly recommend Christian’s services. Highly talented, good hearted and a great communicator. Results-oriented. Everything you’re looking for in a professional speaker.”

Dr Patrick Liew, CEO, HSR International Realtors

Learn more about this workshop from the video below:


Sales Motivation & Financial Success –  The Audacity to Win

60 Minute Keynote
90 Minute Keynote
Half Day Workshop
Full Day Workshop

Highlights from this Program

The Audacity to win is a powerful Sales Motivation Keynote which is pulsating, highly thought-provoking yet fun and easy to listen to.

This presentation sets to increase the competitive spirit, hunger to achieve better results and resilience of sales individual.

This keynote is set to be one of the most powerful motivational programmes which Christian has delivered in his 17 year career. Audience already familiar with his powerful and thought-provoking speeches will certainly look forward to this mind bending keynote.

This keynote will keep you riveted to your seats throughout. Bringing over a decade of experience with him, Christian Chua is at his very best.

Audience will appreciate this speaker who will bring something fresh to stage.

Program content includes:

  • Understanding that ordinary people make ordinary income, and extraordinary performances make extraordinary income. How can one standout and be an extraordinary performer.
  • Setting big audacious goals beyond your current capabilities and grow into the person who can achieve this goal.
  • What’s holding you back? Wrong success strategies, wrong personal mantras?
  • Increasing the resilience quotient. Don’t get Bitter, just get Better.
  • Crispy life-experience stories with exceptional learning points.

Leadership & Personal Effectiveness – Critical Thinking and Innovation Workshop 

Half Day Workshop
Full Day Workshop

Highlights from this Program

“Stagnation is a sure way to extinction”. For that reason, every business should constantly innovate. Where can you harness new ideas from? Should you form a Think-tank committee or should you rely solely on the Business development team for ideas? Why not make everyone a ‘ideas hub’? This workshop aims to make every employee a potential source to harness innovative ideas. If every employee becomes a potent source of ideas, the floodgates of innovative ideas will be swung open and the wheels to a more innovative company will be set in motion.

This will be a highly interactive and engaging workshop. Participants will experience various systematic thought process which will lead them into having a innovative mindset. The Trainer will facilitate this ideas workshop which will result in the spouting of many new ideas.

Specialised Leaders’ workshop

We have a specially customised workshop which help leaders think critical, innovatively. This is one of  the most comprehensive innovation workshop which activates the creative mind to be stimulated. Even the self-proclaim un-creative person will find it easy to adopt a creative mindset.

Everyone faces some pains in their daily workflow. Many innovations are born from identifying the pains and struggles of everyday activities. Innovation is a solution to pain.

This activity identifies the existing resources available in the organization and how these resources could be used for other effective and productive means.

In this activity, participants are made to travel to the future and visualize what the organization will positively look like. This allows the staff to have the free flow of ideas in a simulated environment of limitless resources and constraints. This is to spark off a plethora of new ideas.

Personal Effectiveness – How to Deal with Difficult People

60 Minute Keynote
90 Minute Keynote
Half Day Workshop
Full Day Workshop

Highlights from this Program

Everyone at some time is put in a challenging situation and forced to confront difficult people.

In today’s offices, we are constantly faced with trying to work with others who may challenge our ability to get things done.

Usually, the difficult person is someone who is working from the negative side of their personality, rather than a conscious desire to be difficult.

The person is often unaware of how their attitude or behaviour affects others. They also don’t realise how harmful their actions are to their own career success.

In this experiential workshop, Christian Chua will help you to understand these challenging people and situations. He will show you the great value to be gained when we take time to understand another’s viewpoint. You will be encouraged to change your attitude towards challenging people, and change your viewpoint about what they are doing and saying. As a result you will find a wealth of knowledge to achieve positive outcomes. This will ultimately lead to building better bonds, improving morale and increasing productivity.

  1. Adapt your approach to different people through understanding human profiling.
  2. Understand why conflicts happen and how to avoid them.
  3. Learn how to respond tactfully when faced with tension or disagreement.
  4. Use appropriate language that will calm difficult situations and people.
  5. Know the difference between dangerous words and dependable words.
  6. Use effective influencing skills to positively affect the outcome of every situation.
  7. Develop your people skills to create concord instead of conflict.
  8. Improve your communication skills and increase co-operation and collaboration.
  9. Practise assertive behaviour that will help control and defuse difficult situations
  10. Build relationships that will improve workplace harmony, morale and motivation.
  1. Understand conflict and why some people can be challenging
  2. Triggers that provoke negative attitudes and difficult behaviour
  3. Analyse different personality types with a special human profile
  4. Learn how to handle each unique personality type effectively
  1. Words to use and language to avoid in all your business dealings
  2. Applying effective listening skills to defuse difficult situations
  3. Gaining control of situations by acting more assertively
  4. Successfully communicating ideas and viewpoints to achieve a positive outcome
  1. Step-by-step methodology for applying influencing skills
  2. How to present ideas convincingly and persuasively
  3. Choosing the right behaviour to influence positive outcomes
  4. Using empathy when dealing with difficult situations
  1. How to make simple but effective attitude changes that reap beneficial outcomes
  2. Using co-operation and collaboration to increase motivation and teamwork
  3. How to change people’s way of thinking by winning their confidence
  4. Benefits of building great relationships and winning bonds

Personal Effectiveness – Body Language for Sales, Human Resource, Law Enforcement or General Staff

60 Minute Keynote
90 Minute Keynote
Half Day Workshop
Full Day Workshop
Multi-Day Workshop

Highlights from this Program

Master the art of reading people from their verbal and non-verbal expressions in a fun and hilarious environment. Know exactly how people are feeling even if they don’t tell you. Use this special skill to build relationships, make critical decisions, and never be fooled by deceptions.

  1. Explicit Body Language. The reading of big movements and gestures.
  2. Micro expressions. The reading of subtle facial expressions.
  3. Speech Analysis. Looking of for the hesitation, pauses, rhythm of speech and choice of words.
  4. Cold reading skills. Ability to profile people from the clothes, purchases and decisions they make.
  5. Situational Analysis : Taking the surrounding into context before making a judgement.
  6. Profiling : Understand Character Type, Behaviour Type, Thinking Patterns.
  7. Spot diagnosis : The ability to read ‘tells’ based on medical symptoms on the body.
Even if you think you already know something about body language, facial emotional reflectors are much more involuntary and unconscious reactions.

It is hard to conceal what you are actually feeling. These traces of evidence of truth will appear as a brief, involuntary facial expression revealing how one really feels and thinks behind those spoken words or actions; or what one is trying hard to conceal.

You will be taught how to set up the right questioning environment that will expose maximum emotional reflectors of your subject. This has proven very effective even against the most trained individual. Former President Clinton was caught lying about his affair with Monica Lewinsky using these techniques.

The people around you leave hundreds of these signals every day. Learn how to catch these signals and use them to your advantage.

Who Has The Ability To Detect Emotions?

  • Only 50 out of every 20,000 people are naturals when it comes to reading body signals.  i.e. 0.25% of the population
  • The average person barely notices 15% of these hidden expressions.
  • Few people are likely to be 100% accurate all the time.
  • However, with keen observation and honing of this skill, you can increase your ability to 80-95% accuracy i.e. close to becoming a human lie detector.
  • Men and women have the same level of accuracy potential.  Gender difference does not affect their ability to discern accurately.

Corporate Skills Acquisition 

  1. Critical skill for the recruitment of new staff or team members.
  2. To be able to make better decisions when making purchases. I.e. questioning a salesperson and watching for any signs of deception.
  3. To avoid being deceived by staff, (family, friends) and acquaintances.
  4. Useful for conflict resolution in organization. i.e.: How a person is feeling during a conflict. Finding out the truth during a conflict, who is lying and who is genuine. Who stole from the inventory?
  5. Knowing how to question correctly and get the answers you want.
  6. Being a more effective salesperson by mastering Body Language and *Cold Reading Skills.

Become an Effective Communicator

  1. To build better relationships with family, friends and colleagues, knowing how to relate to them in a more beneficial manner.
  2. To know exactly how others truly feel and to avoid conflict.
  3. To communicate more effectively as you are able to sense your audience accurately.  (For Public Speaking)
  4. Enhance counseling skills and to be able to detect non-verbal sub-conscious communication by people who may not want to face the truth. Often, they verbalize words they don’t mean.

 Personal Effectiveness

  1. To be more conscious of your own body expressions. This is useful for people in the drama or acting circuit or anyone who are concern with personal image.
  2. Maximize your advantage.  Act on the privilege information and be a more effective individual.
  • HR Personnel – Increase your ability to recruit the correct candidate. Uncover the truth during the interview.
  • Law Enforcement Officers (Police/ Private Investigators/School disciplinary officers/ Immigration officers/ Security Personnel). You will be able to detect the deceptions more accurately. Be a human lie detector. Spot the nervous one by the person’s body language.
  • Purchasers: You will be able to detect the untruthful claims of the sales person.
  • Teachers and Public Speakers: Sense your audience accurately and strategize your presentation to suit the emotional state of the audience. Know how to handle your peers and students. Identify the problematic characters before the problem arises.
  • Management (CEOs / Principals/ Business Owners/Human Resource Personnel) Acquire the ability to read the emotional reflectors and lead your team skillfully. Know how your key personnel are feeling over a new assignment or policy.
  • Counselors / Care givers: Master the ability to read your candidates’ emotions accurately and discover what they refuse to tell you. Increase your ability to empathize with your candidates by knowing exactly how they feel..
  • Individuals who want have a tenacious appetite for personal development. Use these skills in numerous given situations.
  • Trainers who are looking for a Certified Practitioner Certification in this field to enhance your net worth.
  • Parents – Know exactly if your child is not telling the truth or not and avoid wrongfully hurting them or falling into their deception plans.
  • Actors: Understand how to reproduce a realistic emotional expression. Be a more credible actor.
The trainer will acquaint you with both the basic and advance emotional reflectors.

  • A glossary of professional terminology of this science is taught.
  • You will go through a series of facial expressions and body expressions exercises where you will learn how to identify the hidden emotions.
  • You will be taught how to use Questioning techniques towards your candidate to achieve your objectives.
  • There will be workshop dynamics that will further enhance your ability to read emotions accurately.
  • You will be taught how to cold read. (Cold reading is the ability to pick up clues that reveal much about a person from what he owns/ wears / associates with/ likes and dislikes).
  • You will be put through a final test and candidates will be given a certification of Junior Practitioner.
  • You will be more aware of the emotions of the people around you.
  • You will be able to sense the room for negative vibes.
  • You will be able to read people more accurately with this special skill, a skill that the common people call intuition.
  • You will never been fooled by lies again.
  • You will reduce costly mistakes from deceiving-individuals.
Acquire the piercing ability to read and perceive emotions, clues and subtle signs, no matter how minute, brief or small they are displayed. Use this knowledge and privilege information to better adapt to one’s environment or circumstances.

This program goes far beyond what you will ever read in the books, and we pride ourselves as the most advance body language training provider in Singapore.

You will be able to read through a person even if they have things they:

  • Don’t say
  • Can’t say
  • Unconsciously reveal
  • Intentionally conceal


Nearly two decades of experience speaking professionally and yet Christian still brings the passion and motivation to each and every engagement. With content which keeps evolving and an easy-going wit and humor, it’s no wonder that Christian Chua has been consistently ranked one of the top speakers in the business.